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A teacher at Madhav Vidya Sankul is not just a source of wisdom and Knowledge. He/she takes on such varied roles like, Leader and Motivator, Friend and Guide, Role Model and Mentor. Every faculty member leads by example. A faculty at Madhav Vidya Sankul is a professional with years of experience in teaching and dealing with children.

Compassionate and committed, the teachers at Madhav Vidya Sankul motivate and inspire all students, to recognize and take up every opportunity present, to develop themselves into well rounded individuals.

Teachers at Madhav Vidya Sankul are a vital bridge between knowledge and learning. Familiar with converging technologies, aiding in lesson plans, assignments, evaluations and interactive learning. They take on every changing roles like that of a subject teacher, house tutor, house mentor, a team player and an affectionate guide.

The teacher at Madhav Vidya Sankul builds a strong rapport with his wards, every inspiring and comforting in an environment of affection, warmth, trust and togetherness.

  • Madhav Vidya Vihar Praimary Section [ Standard 1st to 4th ]
  • Madhav Vidya Vihar Praimary Section [Standard 5th to 7th]
  • Madhav Vidyalay Secondary and Higher Secondary
  • Raj Madhav Vidya Vihar English Medium