(1) We expect our students to be punctual, regular, neatly dressed in complete uniform and always polite in behavior.
(2) Check whether the child brings necessary books according to the time table.
(3) Check the home assignment daily and sign accordingly.
(4) Check whether the child completes home work daily.
(5) Please do not send any fancy things or expensive articles like watches, ornaments, electronic gazette etc. In case of violation of the rule the articles will be confiscated.
(6) On birthday no gifts of any kind should be brought either for the teachers or other students.
(7) Your child must be instructed to take care of his/her belongings in the School.
(8) Don’t allow your child any vehicles without valid driving license.
(9) Without prior permission no parent can meet educators at any circumstances.
(10) Pay school fee on time.
(11) Parents must bring parents Identity card wherever they want to visit the school.
(12) If you observe any unwanted or problematic behavior in your child, you may consult the principal with prior appointment.
(13) Every Saturday of the month P.T.M. will be conducted between 11: 15 a.m. to 12: 15 a.m.
(14) If any student would be suffering from any contagious disease he/she should not send to school, in such a case the parents should submit Doctor’s certificate with the application. (15) During school hours no student will be granted permission to leave classroom, In case of emergency the guardian are allowed to receive child by showing parents I card and register their detail at outward register at gate.
(16) Evaluation will be conducted during regular time interval through unit test, semester and annual exam.