(1) Obey the instructions given by teachers and principal.
(2) Help in keeping the classrooms and the school campus clean.
(3) Speak softly and follow good conduct.
(4) Bring your books accordingly to the time table.
(5) Study regularly.
(6) Play games with safety and don’t run in the school campus.
(7) While moving from one classroom to another, move in queue and always keep to left on the stairs and corridors.
(8) Follow the instruction given by the teachers and monitors.
(9) Note down the home-work in your school lesson dairy daily and do it promptly.
(10) Follow up the corrections and suggestions made by the teachers.
(11) If you find anything belonging to school or to any other students, deposit to the office or with the class teacher.
(12) Keep your Bicycles properly locked at the place fixed for them.
(13) Don’t bring any vehicles without valid driving license.
(14)Those who go out of the school premises without permission will be suspended from the school.