MEC has adopted three pedagogical approach works in tiny tots to ensure the best education for tiny tots.

(1) Play way Pedagogy: - Playing is not just an activity for tiny tots but it is a process through which tiny tots constantly create new experiences and learn from them. Tiny tots engage themselves in play way pedagogy and through the due course of playing learn many things.
(2) Phenomenon based Pedagogy: - Phenomenon based pedagogy makes learning meaningful for tiny tots. It is essentially learning by exploring. It makes tiny tots an active agent of learning in the pedagogical process. It insists the skill of observation and analysis in tiny tots.
(3) Participatory Pedagogy: - MEC aims to teach tiny tots the power of community in learning. Tiny tots learn from their peers by participating in the learning process with them. This pedagogy teaches the value of how to build the social skill.


(1) Communication and Language Development: Tiny tots are facilitating to experience a suitable environment to express verbal and non verbal communication and develop their confidence to speak and listen in range of their ability.
(2) Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Personal development is crucial to form positive relationship and develop respect for others, Human is social animal keeping in this point tiny tots are trained to develop social skills, Tiny tots are very emotional by nature they are trained to manage their feelings and behavior.
(3) Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skill Development: MEC tries to enhance these four skills of nature among tiny tots as per ascending order by different educational strategies.
(4) Mathematical approach Development: MEC provides opportunities to tiny tots to develop and improves their skills in counting, understanding and to identify shapes, spaces and measure.
(5) Arts and Design Development: MEC encourages Tiny tots to access wide range of activities like one act play, dance, drama etc. to explore arts within the tiny tots and provides different materials to promote them for creative idea and imagination.


ORAL SKILLS: A to Z alphabets, 1 to 100 Numbers, Rhymes, Stories
RECOGNITION SKILLS: Colors, Shapes, Identify fruits and Vegetables. Recognize parts of body.
GROSS MOTOR SKILLS: Running, Hopping, Jumping.
FINE MOTOR SKILLS: Paper tearing, Sponge dabbing, Hand and thump printing, Scribing.


MEC ensures that the capabilities of each child must be respected and learning process is molded accordingly through different teaching aids and activities.

Activity Book celebrations E- learning
Phonics Audio visual aids Field trips
Puppet show Flash cards Abacus
Picnics Sound play Games