Teachers at Madhav Education Campus are not just a source of wisdom and Knowledge but also true visionary and devoted human being. They take on such varied roles like, Leader, Motivator, Friend, Guide, Role Model and Mentor. Every faculty member leads by an example. Faculties are professional with long experience in field of education. They are compassionate and committed towards their duty.

Teachers at MEC motivate and inspire all students, to recognize the hidden potential and talent of students and guide them in right direction .They utilize every opportunity to develop students by different activities and vocational practical training.

Teachers at MEC are vital bridge between knowledge and learning. Familiar with converging technologies, aiding in lesson plans, assignments, evaluations and interactive learning. They take on every changing role like that of a teacher, leader, and an affectionate guide.

The teachers at MEC build strong rapport with their wards, every inspiring and comforting in an environment of affection, warmth, trust and togetherness.

Apart from learning, teachers at MEC perform many social activities for betterment of society at large. They also teach practical way of living rather than bookish knowledge.