MEC believes that teachers who aspire to teach students should be comprehensively trained in all aspects. MEC tries to harness over 21 years of educational experience in curriculum design that transform soft skills into educational technical competencies. This training is an effort on our part to give teachers a comprehensive training related to New Education Policy and practical training of different pedagogy.

MEC arranges training sessions to facilitate educators to cope up with new trend of technological advancement in the field of education. Our training offers for teachers include approaches to raise standards of education at high level with the help of different T.L.M. & reference books.
MEC tries to provide high impact coaching to raise quality of teaching at next level. The prime objective for training is to sharpen the edge at regular time interval.
(1) Identifying and nurturing unique potential of every child.
(2) Understand and execute curriculum and pedagogy of ECCE/FLN.
(3) Shift in teaching learning from rote to inquiry based, critical thinking, cognitive learning and applied method.
(4) Understand basic health indicators to look out and monitor in students.
(5) Promote artificial learning in organic living, holistic health in design thinking and data science in machine learning.
(6) Encourage 21st century skills in the classroom via scientific temper, collaboration, digital literacy, problem solving, communication, critical thinking, creativity, health and fitness, social responsibilities, and ethics.
(7) Promote leveraging power of multilingualism and language learning.
(8) Facilitate demo training of vocational courses in presence of local artists and craftsmen.
(9) Instruct about for assessment as learning and assessment for learning.
(10) Execute different strategies to inculcate hidden potential of child.