Welcome to MEC,

I delighted to express my views in front of all of you. Our MEC is like a community of students and staff dedicated to bring out the best out of the available resources .Our aim is to provide the finest possible environment for teaching and learning. We recognize that overall growth of the students depends on imparting knowledge in the natural environment.
We firmly believe that a true wealth of any Nation is well civilized citizen. If we consider the present scenario of covid-19 the health, safety and security of Students and staff is our top priority. MEC tries to contribute to society through social work by rendering different services to uplift the standard of living of the people at large. MEC tries to promote online teaching more smooth by virtual space. I would like to thank our MEC family for putting in great effort during these hard times of covid-19. MEC Endeavour throughout the year to facilitate new technical training and development to benefit educational progress of students at large.
MEC aims to make students civilized, cultured and obedient citizen of India.